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Glitter Goat Soap Glitter Goat

Our 4 oz Glitter Goat Bar is made from locally sourced goat milk from Amazing Acres Dairy in Chester, PA. It's flowery, magenta and glittery- all things girly! Goat milk lathers really nicely providing mounds of fluffy lather that cleans as well as moisturizes. The purple color is a blend of purple Brazilian clay and skin safe red oxide, which gives the lather just a hint of pink which is a fun touch to encourage hand washing. The glitter comes from Ecoglitter- a biodegradable plant based glitter,
so no worries about mico-plastics here! Our bars also use ethically sourced, certified sustainable palm oil and come wrapped in a compostable and biodegradable plant based plastic called bio-fin. This wrap ensures that the scent of the therapeutic grade essential oils will last for your enjoyment. Each bar is handcrafted and unique, so it may be slightly different than depicted in the photos.

Ingredients: saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, locally sourced lard from Ironstone Creamery, goat milk, purple Brazilian Clay, therapeutic grade essential oil blend (rose geranium and orange), ecoglitter, red brick oxide. 4 oz

Our Price: $5.75