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purple lavender milk bar Milk Lavender

This soap is our Holstein Milk recipe that is also found in our Oat and Honey bar. We use locally sourced milk from Penn
View Farm located in Perkasie, PA. This bar is moisturizing and gentle, with a fabulous lather! Milk is easily absorbed by the skin and is excellent for sensitive skin. This bar has the added benefit of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil which provides a lovely scent experience and is colored with a skin safe, gentle purple mica. Each bar is unique with a different swirl pattern! As always, the bar will come wrapped in a biodegradable, plant based shrink wrap to preserve the essential oils.
4 oz. For a longer lasting bar, store it in a dry location between uses.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive, Coconut, and sustainably sourced palm oils, locally sourced lard from Ironstone Creamery,
milk from Penn View Farm, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (Lavender), skin safe purple mica.

Our Price: $6.75