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Bug-Off Spray

Bug-Off Spray

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Leave the bugs behind while you protect yourself with a mixture of therapeutic grade essential oils! Clothing and skin safe, shake well to mix water and essential oils. Apply frequently and especially before walking in tall grass or the woods to deter ticks, use alongside other preventative measure such as pants tucked into socks.

Spray can be used on blankets for picnics and sprayed onto strollers and clothes for babies instead of skin; will not leave oil marks on cloth. Consult pediatrician before using on children under 2. Consult vet before using on dogs. 

Bug Spray is packaged in a 4-ounce amber glass bottle with plastic spray top. Refill bottles available so you don't have to rebuy the plastic top- just reach out!


Distilled Water, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Eucalyptus Lemon, Lemongrass, Citronella, Peppermint, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Lavender). 4 oz

Use Instructions:

Shake well before use. Spray thoroughly- including clothes, hair. Reapply frequently- hourly during times of high mosquito activity.

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